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Solar parks

Discover our range of rooftop installations, ground-mounted installations, adhesive panels, floating solar panels and solar carports.

Battery systems

Maximize the efficiency of your solar park by storing energy and using it when you need it.

Charging solutions

More electric cars means more need for appropriate charging solutions. Here, too, we are with you.

Financial benefits

Invest in a solar park with Solora and get a high return on investment at low cost. Lower your energy costs and save money!


Building a solar farm is an environmentally friendly way to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener future.

Solora, your one stop shop

Solora goes the extra mile and truly opts for sustainability and long-term cooperation. We assist you in the transition and offer the right solution at the right time.

High quality design and construction

At Solora quality is key: we only design and realise solar parks that meet the highest standards. Our expertise guarantees durability and reliability on every project.

Future proof solutions

At Solora, we use state-of-the-art technology and follow the latest trends and innovations. So you are always assured of the most appropriate solutions and the highest returns.

Become your own supplier

By being in charge of your own production, you become more independent of grid fluctuations and prices.

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Types of solar farms for businesses

In addition to traditional rooftop installations, there are quite a few alternatives available that may not be as well known. Is it not possible to install solar panels on your company roof, or would you like to expand your current solar park with other options?

Discover all the possibilities

Become more sustainable and electrify your entire business

Solora’s goal is to guide our customers in their transition to green power, and for that we look beyond solar panels. As the future becomes more and more sustainable and electric, it may also be the time to reevaluate your business infrastructure. Have you thought about fleet charging stations?

Discover our possibilities

Why more and more businesses are choosing solar panels?

Building your own solar panel system can have significant benefits for businesses. These benefits include cost savings, return on investment (ROI), environmental impact, sustainability and energy independence.

Cost savings

Solar energy is a renewable resource that is becoming increasingly cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. Companies that invest in a solar farm can save significantly on their energy bills. In addition, many governments offer financial incentives for companies that invest in renewable energy, further reducing the cost of building and operating a solar farm.


Another advantage of building a solar farm is a high ROI. Solar farms typically have a long lifespan, with many systems lasting 25-30 years or more. This means businesses can recoup their investment in a relatively short period of time. As the cost of solar technology continues to fall, the ROI of a solar farm will improve even more.

Environmental impact

In addition to the cost and financial benefits, the construction of a solar park also has a positive effect on the environment. Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource that produces no harmful emissions or pollutants. This can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals.

Energy independency

Building a solar park can help companies achieve energy independence. By generating their own energy, companies can reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources and protect themselves from fluctuations in energy prices. This can give businesses greater security and stability in an ever-changing energy landscape.

Our projects

All-in-one solution

At D'Arta Frozen Foods in Ardooie, Solora built a PV installation with a peak capacity of 9362,19 kWp.

Ground-mounted PV installation

Aquafin is pushing for sustainability by installing a solar farm at the landfill. This 750 kWp installation allows 25% of the site's energy demand to be met.

Rooftop PV installation

Delhaize Bentille opted for a PV rooftop installation. With their 161.95 kWp solar installation, they utilize the entire roof and are assured of green power.