Electrify your business

Making your business sustainable is not only good for the environment, but also for your business security. Customers and partners today consciously choose who you are and how you present yourself as a company. By opting for renewable energy, you ensure the future of your business and let your customers and employees enjoy it too.

Charging poles / charging stations

A good charging infrastructure offers many opportunities.
If you choose a hybrid or electric fleet, your employees can charge while they are at work.
Customers and visitors can also refuel while they stay with you.
You can even choose to allow outsiders to join in as well through a paid formula.

In addition, you thus optimize the efficiency of your solar farm by harnessing as much solar energy as possible on site and avoiding injection.

Battery Storage

A battery system can sometimes be an interesting addition to your solar farm, especially when there is an imbalance between production and consumption. For example, you start early in the morning or you work late into the evening, perhaps your business even operates 24/7.

You can start storing the surplus energy produced by your plant during the day in a battery system and use it at a later date. In addition, a battery system can also accommodate certain power peaks.

Selling energy on the market can often make an investment in batteries more profitable. Correct sizing based on your consumption profile is always the basis.

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Energy management system

Adding intelligence through an Energy Management System (EMS) allows you to start better managing all your energy flows and optimizing your processes.

Thanks to a targeted analysis based on real data of your company and obtain a better understanding of your unique profile.

At the next stage, we can then determine what modifications would be useful for you:

  • shift of consumption
  • adjusting processes
  • adding production
  • battery system installation

All tailored to your business and based on effective numbers.

Our projects

All-in-one solution

At D'Arta Frozen Foods in Ardooie, Solora built a PV installation with a peak capacity of 9362,19 kWp.

Ground-mounted PV installation

Aquafin is pushing for sustainability by installing a solar farm at the landfill. This 750 kWp installation allows 25% of the site's energy demand to be met.

Rooftop PV installation

Delhaize Bentille opted for a PV rooftop installation. With their 161.95 kWp solar installation, they utilize the entire roof and are assured of green power.