We aim for Peak Performance. We are experts in operations & maintenance of solar parks, as well as providing renewable total projects for companies.

A team of experts at your service

Our people are experienced and highly qualified with extensive knowledge is the industry.
This way, we always guarantee you the best solutions to meet your specific needs.

Meet the Solora experts

Keeping up with the latest trends

The market is not standing still. We follow all developments closely and once a development has proven its worth, we consider whether it can add value for our customers.
In this way, our solutions always remain efficient and cost-effective and you benefit from the latest innovations.


We understand how important it is to choose a reliable partner when it comes to building or maintaining your solar farm.
Our goal is to take care of you completely from a to z, from design to maintenance and monitoring.

The perfect working environment

At Solora, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels at home. We believe in working together as a team to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Working at Solora

Our team

Abdelaziz Sidi Addi

Service Technician

Adriana Magureanu

Project Manager

An De Tavernier

Monitoring, Planning & Analysis

Ana Klaudia Goncalves Soares

Design Engineer

Anke Verstraete

Admin Support O&M

Brendan Menec

O&M Engineer

Cédric Boetens

IT Assistant

Charlotte Haegeman

Prevention Advisor

Caroline Vermeulen

Admin Support

Dominique Defenfe

Service Technician

Dennis Van Steenberge

Service Technician

Emile Roels

Design Engineer

Robbe Wilmaerts

Project planner

Elise Rouwens

Business Developer

Femke Abbenbroek


Filip Van den Bossche

Service Technician

Francisco Morais

Service Coordinator

Frank Nadorp

Service Coordinator

Frederick Verheughe

Sales Engineer

Giovannie Kijzer

Service Coordinator

Haroen Reyné

Project Manager

Ivo Stroeken

Business Unit Manager

Jan Van Der Haegen

Managing Partner

Jason Hay

Service Coordinator

Jasper Cattrijsse

Service Technician

Veronique Hersschens

Admin Support Finance

Anton Zebreniuc

Design Engineer

Jeroen Alluyn

Project planner

Joachim Lox

Service Technician

John van Dijk

Operational Manager

Joy Imade

Asset Manager

Kevin Vanlancker

Planner O&M

Kristof Goethals

Construction Manager

Lieven van de Weghe

Admin Support O&M

Mahgdi Ossaili

Technical Asset Manager

Manon den Duijn


Manon Van Winghem

Admin Support Build

Matthias Demuynck


Mark Oskamp

Service Coordinator

Yann Jacobs

Tech Support

Michiel Van Hulle

Admin Support O&M

Nico De Smedt

Service Technician

Pieter Swusten

Project Manager

Sander Van de Venne


Sander Weyens

Teamleader ICT

Sergio Klemmer

Service Coordinator

Simon Van Damme

Account Manager O&M

Lieselot Jonckheere


Stefan Moens

Sales Engineer

Stijn D’haenens

Project Support Engineer

Svante Renneboog

Finance Manager

Tara Huiting

Prevention Advisor

Thirza Klein

Finance Officer

Tom Stoops

Work Planner

Tom Vermoesen

Technical Asset Management

Tomas Dewitte

Manager Solora FR

Tile Van Der Haegen

O&M Manager

Tim Weyens

Managing partner

Victor Torps


Vladimir Cruz


Wouter Van Gassen

Service Technician

Anneleen Coppens

Admin Support Build

Pierre Maufret

Project Manager

Antoine Bieque

Project Engineer

Our projects

All-in-one solution

At D'Arta Frozen Foods in Ardooie, Solora built a PV installation with a peak capacity of 9362,19 kWp.

Ground-mounted PV installation

Aquafin is pushing for sustainability by installing a solar farm at the landfill. This 750 kWp installation allows 25% of the site's energy demand to be met.

Rooftop PV installation

Delhaize Bentille opted for a PV rooftop installation. With their 161.95 kWp solar installation, they utilize the entire roof and are assured of green power.