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Solar panels for businesses

Reduce energy costs and lower your carbon footprint by installing solar panels. Discover all the possibilities.

Battery systems

Maximize the efficiency of your solar park by storing energy and using it when you need it.

Charging solutions

More electric cars means more need for charging solutions. For businesses, it’s the ideal way to attract the right employees and customers.

Operations & Maintenance

Get the most out of your solar park through professional maintenance and 24/7 performance monitoring. As the market leader in Belgium, Solora is the perfect partner for your business.

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Operations and maintenance

A well-functioning installation means optimal efficiency. We achieve this through constant 24/7 monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of performance and availability, interventions, performance of preventive maintenance and optimization of the installation.


Solar panels for businesses

Investing in your own PV system is an important step toward reducing energy costs and making your organization more sustainable.


Become more sustainable and electrify your entire business

Solora’s goal is to guide our customers in their transition to green power, and for that we look beyond solar panels. As the future becomes more and more renewable and electric, it might also be the time to evaluate your energy profile.

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The perfect working environment

At Solora, we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels at home. We believe in working together as a team to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

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Our projects

All-in-one solution

At D'Arta Frozen Foods in Ardooie, Solora built a PV installation with a peak capacity of 9362,19 kWp.

Ground-mounted PV installation

Aquafin is pushing for sustainability by installing a solar farm at the landfill. This 750 kWp installation allows 25% of the site's energy demand to be met.

Rooftop PV installation

Delhaize Bentille opted for a PV rooftop installation. With their 161.95 kWp solar installation, they utilize the entire roof and are assured of green power.