Solar panels collect energy from the sun, but over time they also accumulate dust and dirt. This can affect their performance and reduce the amount of energy they can generate. Regular cleaning helps remove this dirt and restore the solar panel’s full efficiency.

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Cleaning solar panels: a specialist job

With proper cleaning procedures and safety measures, solar panel cleaning can be done quickly and effectively. With specialized equipment combined with the right products, your panels will soon be completely clean again. This helps maintain energy efficiency and keep your solar system producing at peak capacity.

Our teams are going to apply certain techniques depending on the situation, adapted to your solar farm and the level of pollution.

Again, we take care of this completely so that everything can continue to run neatly.

Our projects

All-in-one solution

At D'Arta Frozen Foods in Ardooie, Solora built a PV installation with a peak capacity of 9362,19 kWp.

Ground-mounted PV installation

Aquafin is pushing for sustainability by installing a solar farm at the landfill. This 750 kWp installation allows 25% of the site's energy demand to be met.

Rooftop PV installation

Delhaize Bentille opted for a PV rooftop installation. With their 161.95 kWp solar installation, they utilize the entire roof and are assured of green power.